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Introducing Cell Blade:

The Ultimate Discreet Self-Defense Tool

What is the Cell Blade? The Cell Blade is a revolutionary cell phone knife developed by John Adrain. This innovative product seamlessly integrates a high-quality knife into a smartphone case, providing an additional layer of personal security without compromising the phone’s usability. Perfect for personal protection, outdoor activities, and emergency situations, the Cell Blade is the ultimate discreet self-defense tool.

Key Features

Discreet Design

The Cell Blade is ingeniously concealed within a sleek phone case, ensuring it remains unnoticed until needed.

Easy Access

Equipped with a quick-release mechanism, the knife can be rapidly deployed in moments of need.

Durable Materials

Constructed from high-strength materials, the Cell Blade is built to withstand the test of time.

Secure Locking

The knife securely locks into place when not in use, preventing any accidental deployment.

Ergonomic Grip

Designed for comfortable handling, the Cell Blade ensures a firm grip when the knife is in use.


Available for various smartphone models, the Cell Blade maintains full functionality of your phone while providing unmatched security.

Bullet Barrier

How It Works

The Cell Blade integrates a concealed knife into a custom phone case. With a quick-release mechanism, the knife can be accessed swiftly, ensuring you are always prepared. The design guarantees that the knife remains securely in place during regular phone use and only becomes accessible through a deliberate action.


The Cell Blade is perfect for:

  • Personal Protection: An added layer of security for everyday carry.
  • Outdoor Activities: Essential for camping, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits where a knife may be needed.
  • Emergency Situations: Provides a quick and reliable means of protection or utility in unexpected scenarios.
bullet barrier product
bullet barrier product


Patent Title Patent Number Filing Date Issue Date Link
Cell phone case with weapon 10149584 January 12, 2017 December 11, 2018 View Patent

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John Adrian // Inventor + Innovator

John Adrain is an innovative inventor specializing in advanced security solutions designed to ensure survival in extreme scenarios.