Doug Clark, columnist
The Spokesman-Review


Last Thursday I …

  • Blasted a bullet-proof couch cushion with a silencer-equipped .45.
  • Took heart-thumping rides in a supercharged, 1,000-horsepower SUV and truck.
  • Gave noogies to Giff and Bella, a couple of lovable German shepherds, who – if given the right command – would turn my windpipe into a chew toy.

Steady, doggies. Steady.

Visiting John Adrain is more exciting than a trip through a carnival fun house.

Adrain (pronounced A-dree-an) is Spokane’s Top Prepper. He deserves that title after appearing on a 2012 episode of the National Geographic Channel’s “Doomsday Preppers.”

The 56-year-old holder of 10 patents lives in a cliffside manor that is protected by a military-grade gate that blocks the entrance. It also has radar-controlled cameras that will spot intruders whether it’s day or night.


Oh, and don’t forget the dogs.

I’d give you Adrain’s address but you’d have to pull it out of me along with my fingernails.

“Hello, John. You are welcome to enter,” announced a friendly computer voice