by Kjerstin Bell, KHQ Local News Reporter


SPOKANE, Wash. – We’ve all heard about the 2012 Doomsday prediction that the would will end on December 21st.

It’s created a rise in Survivalists or Preppers and they specialize in preparing people for things like economic collapse, nuclear attacks or even fuel shortages.

One of the more successful preppers lives in the Inland Northwest and will soon be featured on the National Geographic Channel’s television show Doomsday Preppers.

John’s home is perched on the edge of a cliff just outside of Spokane. He purchased the home seven years ago and has outfitted it against intruders both inside and out.

His home is a technical fortress.

“I think it’s paramount to make home your castle and make yourself less of a target.” John says.

At least 16 camera are mounted around the property and each one is linked to a computer program that is even visable from his cell phone.

“I don’t need a camera to sleep at night,” he says looking into one of the cameras, “you know the ones that should be paranoid are the ones that aren’t prepared.”



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